Alpha Demo Release Notes

Hero Syndrome Release Notes: Alpha Demo

V0.40 – 3/19/2020 5:31 PM


  • Added arrows to the magnetic strip rails for orb redirection puzzles
  • Added an easy mode for Daniels, changing the player’s health from 100 to 300 and enemy bot health from 150 to 50
  • Added an additional 100 shield for player in easy mode
  • Changed the pistol ammo pickup to not show the pistol mesh
  • Changed the pistol ammo pickup from 100 to 150 bullet in Level 1
  • Added hidden area in Level 3
  • Removed build frames from building.  Builds will now be destroyed after the original wall is destroyed. Connected walls will be destroyed after a small delay if anchored to the wall that was destroyed.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed weapon pickups so they now play the pickup animations correctly
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to build properly inside one of the glass build enclosures
  • Fixed rising orange platform elevator in Level 3 which sometimes caused the platforms to not all move at the same time
  • Fixed issue with bots where the death animations were not being triggered
  • Fixed a door open glitch on level 3
  • Fixed Shotgun reload animation so that it animates correctly and at the correct speed
  • Minor fixes to the low graphics settings 


V0.38/0.39 – 3/19/2020 11:00 AM


  • Changed texture resolution from ⅛ to ¼ on low graphics mode
  • Lowered explosion force generated by bot explosions from 75 to 40
  • Lowered radius of bot explosion on death blow hits from 7.5 to 3.5
  • Adjusted explosion force from the rocket launcher 
  • Adjusted force generated by the shotgun on death blows to flying bots
  • Added keybind change option for edit mode

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug where not all inputs were showing on the input screen when using less than 1080p monitor
  • Fixed menu screen positional issues 
  • Fixed bug where enemies would recognize an energy orb as an enemy target
  • Fixed bug where bot bullet hits were way too bright
  • Added missing enemy nav mesh colliders on player built wall variations
  • Decreased shotgun fire completion time from animation controlled to .05 seconds
  • Fixed bug where player would spawn with 0 rocket ammo after dying


v0.37 – 3/18/20 9:52PM


  • Added POV slider to input screen
  • Added Volume Control
  • Added Sound to Secret Helmet Pickup
  • Added Particle Effect to Secret Helmet Pickup
  • Restart Level Button added to pause menu, previously only restart from checkpoint appeared

Bugs Fixed

  • Pistol Ammo Pickup changed to be obvious it is just ammo
  • Rocket Explosion force turned down for nail bots getting hit with rocket explosions
  • Door open bug fixed where a door would get stuck on close when inside collision trigger
  • Fixed a waypoint for nailgun bot in level 2 that caused it to get stuck
  • Moved shotgun after first puzzle so picking up two shotguns is not available after death and respawning with new shotgun
  • Fixed visual issue with the first locked door meshes appearing outside of walls when open
  • FIxed bug where a wall was able to be built outside of the glass wall cubes
  • Fixed bug where cursor was held when the window was not in focus
  • Fixed bug where there was a chance tabbing from game created the program to crash
  • Fixed bug where 2 horizontal walls could be placed in the same spot
  • Fixed bug where horizontal build wall would not reset after changed from the default wall



Known Issues (current bugs)

  • Aiming does not appear to be updating at 140 fps in some reports
  • Pickup animations are not working for weapons, instead weapon is picked up instantly 
  • Shotgun delay too long after a shotgun is used
  • Bullet decals on robots appear off of the body if shot between dual wielding robots
  • Bullet count for pistol not initially correct when spawning into game
  • Navmesh collider not updating properly allowing robots to calculate pathfinding paths through diagonal player built walls
  • Diagonal wall build has issue with visual effect that causes the outline to be brighter than the rest of the walls
  • End of level animated sequence not running, going straight to menu
  • Lots more, documenting still.
  • Force on nailbot death blows too high causing them to shoot off the map when killed
  • Ik issue makes shotgun not point in the correct direction after switching from rocket launcher
  • Ik issue when reloading shotgun causes animation to switch midway