Competitive Multiplayer

Team Deathmatch with building mechanics.  Matched perfectly with balanced gameplay.

Balanced Gameplay Promotes True Competition

The development efforts towards multiplayer are purely focused on making an amazing game that rewards skill and strategy rather than RNG. Both team and solo matches will influence your competitive rank, which will put all players on a numbered global leaderboard based on the only thing that matters: skill.

No Bloom

No Random Luck/Loot

No Advantage For Camping Builds

The ExactSkill system ranks based on kill/death ratio, wins, and losses.

Our passion has always been competitive multiplayer. The main goal with this project is to finally create a competitive multiplayer that everyone deserves.

Reinventing The (edit) Wheel

Introducing the new speed edit wall system, specifically designed for speed and efficiency.

By using a single mouse movement, wall edits become second nature. Every edit takes the same amount of time to execute. This allows the player to worry less about editing a wall and more about the gameplay.

You will never mess up an edit with this system!

Rocketjump Gameplay Preview


A small sneak peak at the backstory:

It is the year 2168. After a century of humanity slowly recovering from near total environmental disaster due to climate change, things are just beginning to settle down. Meanwhile, the Martian colony Ares, founded 42 years earlier as part of one nation’s desperate ploy to make humanity a two-planet species, is in trouble.

Normally self-sufficient, the Ares colony is under siege by an emergent AI that has seized control of many of the base’s systems and most of its construction droids. A subroutine that was designed to use existing Ares tech to automatically catch and/or kill pest species — which were beginning to infest the colony — leaked into the main computer architecture. Now hundreds of surviving colonists are in mortal danger as the AI mindlessly lashes out at anything biological.

Stylized Design

A look into the art and design of the world that makes up Hero Syndrome.

About Development

This project has been a labor of love. My name is Jake Jameson and I am proud to be the sole developer of this incredible third person shooter game.


At the end of 2017, after 10 years in corporate, I decided to leave my job as an Electrical Engineer to pursue my passion of game design and development. I wanted to devote all of my time to creating a visually stunning, third person shooter game which included outstanding gameplay, an intriguing story line, and balanced competitive multiplayer.


As a game developer and an avid fan of the gaming industry, it is my duty to release the highest quality product I am capable of developing. My goal is that you find yourself getting lost into the incredible experience that is Hero Syndrome.
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Observing the very first playtest